Red Stick FutureFest 2019


Where Creativity Meets Technology

We want the next generation to look at Science, Technology, and Art in new ways that inspire innovative approaches for problem-solving. Engineering is not only for building bridges, but also to produce music, digital media, and computer technology. Artists are discoverers as much as they are creators, mixing their ideas with their techniques to give us a new perspective of the world. Red Stick FutureFest blends STEM and art to introduce and celebrate Louisiana’s achievements within Science, Technology, and Art. A place for people to learn, to develop, and to join a community of forward-thinkers in Baton Rouge.

We need your feedback! 

We want to thank everyone again for such an amazing turnout and coming out to Red Stick FutureFest! We would really appreciate feedback in order to make Red Stick FutureFest 2020 even better. Please click below to complete our survey.