Join us for the 2019 Red Stick FutureFest Digital Pro-Am Jam. Bring your computer and favorite software and work under the mentorship and guidance of a variety of industry professionals both internationally and locally. Work on developing your digital prowess and get inspired by a group of peers and mentors. This is an excellent chance to network with industry professionals and maybe get a few “pro” tips. Join us at the Digital Media Center on March 29th at 5:00 p.m. for the kick off!

FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, register early for your spot in the Jam!

Sign up HERE

Professionals include: 

Brian Held Jr – Cohost and producer of The Week in Geek
Robert Goldney – Environment Artist, Electronic Arts
Kurtis Dawe – Character Animator, Electronic Arts
Donald Altamirano – FXTD, Double Negative
Evan McKnight – Vehicle Artist, Electronic Arts
Jeff Mair – Audio Visual Artist Producer, Smoking Gun Interactive
Bios are all posted on
The organizing committee reserves the right to remove people not acting in the spirit of the event, so play nice and respect people and property.
What do I need to bring?
Because the Digital Jam is a closed event, it is important that people bring the right equipment to last them the entire weekend. Please note, we will be taking security precautions for those bringing their own computer equipment, but in the end it is each participant responsibility to be aware of their equipment.
Please make sure you bring the following with you
Identification for registering on the first day
Make sure you have a wifi adapter for your computer. A lan connection will not be available to everyone and non-lsu equipment will not connect properly.
Any computer equipment you need
Note that for security, please label all computer equipment you bring with your name and a contact number/email. Try and keep your equipment with you at all times.
There will be sufficient power points for powering equipment and network/internet access.
Bring the software you need to work on an area of interest. Popular choices include Maya, 3-D Studio Max, ZBrush, Houdini, Unity, GameMaker, Photoshop, Illustrator and Unreal to name a few.
Food and Drink
Some snacks will be provided.
Feel free to bring any favorite drinks and snacks.
Please bring a sealable water bottle, make sure you personalize it for easy identification.
No Alcohol – Please note this is not a licensed event.


**20th Annual Animation Show of Shows on Friday at 7:00 PM**

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