Cinema For The Ears

The Experimental Music & Digital Media program presents a Cinema for the Ears – our concert of new electronic music and sonic art created by LSU students, faculty along with world-renowned composers. Works will be performed on the 92-channel loudspeaker array at the Digital Media Center Theatre. Be prepared for a unique and profound immersive audio experience.


The Future of Social Media 

Social media is now ubiquitous in the US. Facebook still dominates in terms of shear numbers, but young people are actively opting out of larger platforms for narrower platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. Mobile allows always-on connections, but wearables, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are making social a larger part of our lives than ever before. How does one keep up with these trends? What’s next for social media? Come hear from a panel of experts as they give their own forecasts for what the future holds.


Pro-Am Digital Jam

Join us at the Digital Media Center on March 29th for the 2019 Red Stick FutureFest Pro-Am Digital Jam. Bring your computer and favorite software and work under the mentorship and guidance of a variety of industry professionals both internationally and locally. This is an excellent chance to network with industry professionals and maybe get a few “pro” tips. 

Making Expo

Come see creative digital projects, video games, DIY experiments, Robotics, 3D printers, or other Maker Projects at the Red Stick Maker Expo. We want to inspire the next generation to look at Science, Technology & Art in new ways and come up with innovative ways to solve problems. Engineering is not only about building bridges, but it can be used to design new music, new approaches in digital media and new tech that you wear with flair. Art is not only for drawing pretty pictures, but rather Artists are discoverers as well as creators. The Maker Expo is a place for people to learn about new opportunities developing right here in Baton Rouge with a showcase of projects from students and industry leaders in the digital realm.



TigerLAN is a large-scale BYOC (bring your own computer) LAN event being held in the bayou of LSU’s campus over two days. Featuring the best esports talent Louisiana has to offer as well as inviting a number of regional universities to compete. Esports LSU is in our third year straight of presenting TigerLAN and are excited to bring in over 250 competitors and spectators in conjunction with Red Stick FutureFest. We will be having an active stream throughout the entire weekend featuring our many different events and tournaments.

Kids’ Lab 

The Red Stick FutureFest is hosting a Kids’ Lab on Saturday, March 30, at the Goodwood East Baton Rouge Public Library from 10:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m. The lab will feature interactive projects, for kids ages 6 and up, from GEN READY and LIGO.

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