Come see creative digital projects, video games, DIY experiments, Robotics, 3D printers, or other Maker Projects at the Red Stick Maker Expo. We want to inspire the next generation to look at Science, Technology & Art in new ways and come up with innovative ways to solve problems. Engineering is not only about building bridges, but it can be used to design new music, new approaches in digital media and new tech that you wear with flair. Art is not only for drawing pretty pictures, but rather Artists are discoverers as well as creators. The Maker Expo is a place for people to learn about new opportunities developing right here in Baton Rouge with a showcase of projects from students and industry leaders in the digital realm.


Showcase your work at The Red Stick FutureFest Making Expo!

Whether it be technology, creative digital projects, DIY experiments, robotics, music, video games, or other maker projects. Sign up today and Let’s Get Digital!

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